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Bright Spots: Summer programs pivot virtual

Project Transformation and Reading Partners join forces on literacy tutoring and family support The decision didn’t come easy for Project Transformation Central Texas. As the coronavirus pandemic began impacting plans in March, executive director Lynne Rhodes and the Project Transformation network began to rethink its summer model. Not having in-person programming was a painful direction […] Read more

Summer Scholars Collaborative: Igniting a spark at Camp Fire

Igniting the desire within each child has been the Camp Fire First Texas way for more than a century. Camp Fire Day Camps did so this summer with reading as the backdrop. “It is our goal that youth have an opportunity to find their spark, or inner passions, and discover ways and have opportunities to […] Read more


Summer Scholars Collaborative: United Community Centers seek to serve and empower

United Community Centers, Inc. is serious about serving and empowering those in need by creating opportunities to enrich lives within the community. Doing so for children is the goal of UCC’s Summer Education Enrichment Program, which is part of Read Fort Worth’s Summer Scholars Collaborative. The Collaborative consists of 12 programs at more than 60 […] Read more

Summer Scholars Collaborative: Building bonds at Project Transformation

Relationships are at the heart of everything Project Transformation Central Texas does. Those bonds are essential in working with children from low-income neighborhoods, as Project Transformation provides programming for after school and summer day camps. The summer day camp programs for elementary students focus on enriching the mind, body and spirit. They’re also part of […] Read more


Summer Scholars Collaborative: Putting out a different kind of fire

Responding to crisis is in a firefighter’s DNA. Not every crisis is built the same. There’s a critical need in Fort Worth – and around the country – in the space of early childhood literacy and preventing learning loss over the summer. Developing strategies and collecting data to create system change is an ongoing process […] Read more

Summer Scholars Collaborative: ELITE Institute continues to shine

Another year, another step in the right direction for the ELITE Institute at Texas Wesleyan University. The second-year program from Fort Worth SPARC is a proud partner of Read Fort Worth’s Summer Scholars Collaborative. Over the course of the summer, 12 programs in the Collaborative operated at more than 60 sites around the city for […] Read more


Summer Scholars Collaborative: Girls Inc. Lifts and Empowers

So much goes into empowering girls. For starters, it’s words of encouragement, messages of aspiration, access to role models, receiving the resources needed to overcome challenges. It hardly ends there. Girls Inc. of Tarrant County realizes that empowering young women is more than just some magic formula.


Summer Scholar Collaborative: Enhancing Culture at Artes de la Rosa

Community organizations around Fort Worth continue to make a daily difference in the lives of our children. Artes de la Rosa Cultural Center for the Arts, located on the Northside, is doing just that while preserving an important part of the city’s history and enhancing our cultural landscape.


Summer Scholars Collaborative: Rising Star’s Mission of Reading

The mission of the Rising Star Baptist Church Summer Youth Program is to provide a safe and fun-filled environment that promotes education, health, fellowship, and teamwork among the community and the Rising Star family. And while all of that is true, one purpose stands above Rev. Ralph W. Emerson, Jr.


Summer Scholars Collaborative: Finding Enrichment through Clayton

The aim of Clayton Youth Enrichment has always been in the name. Youth. Enrichment. So, it comes as no surprise that Clayton’s summer program, an extension of the organization’s TEA-funded 21st Century initiative, falls right in line with the positive and productive efforts being done year-round.


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