The Fort Worth City Hall (City of Fort Worth) Council along with Mayor Betsy Price recognized Read Fort Worth’s 2018 Summer Scholars Cohort presentation of results Tuesday night. More than 800 students were served at 21 sites over the course of the summer and 59% of the children assessed gained literacy knowledge!

Thanks to our partners AB Christian Learning Center, Clayton Youth Enrichment, Girls Inc. of Tarrant County, Fort Worth Public Library, YMCA of Fort Worth, Fort Worth ISD, Project Transformation Central Texas, United Community Centers, Inc. for a great summer of reading and learning!

“Kids learn to read until third grade and read to learn after third grade. There’s such a significant slide in the summer that the teachers spend the first 3-6 months teaching the kids back to where they were before. If we can intervene and touch these kids, we can get their parents to agree, which many of you have, and help them over the summer then we’re moving forward on a steady pace. I’m incredibly proud. I had the opportunity to be at several of the schools this summer and seeing the kids read and seeing the teachers and meeting some of the parents. Thank you all for your hard work, particularly the kids and parents. Thank you for caring so much. You just made Fort Worth a better place to be!” — Mayor Price