Dear Read Fort Worth Partners,

First and foremost, Read Fort Worth reaches out wishing you, your families, and those you serve wellness both to your physical and mental health as we all navigate the COVID-19 situation.  

Read Fort Worth is working each day in response to Fort Worth ISD school closures until March 29th and Texas Education Agency’s announcement that some Texas schools might be closed for the remainder of this academic year. We are evaluating each Pillar of our work to determine a path forward knowing that the reality is some of our existing work will shift in response to the context of our communities and schools. All decisions about the direction of our work are grounded in the CDC’s recommendations to keep our students and community safe while continuing to provide opportunities for academic learning.

Read Fort Worth recognizes that the current health directives and school closures create significant challenges for many of our program partners, community stakeholders, parents, caregivers and students. We are sensitive to that and will continue to work in response to those challenges while remaining committed to our collaborative work.

Read Fort Worth staff is working remotely, and we will pause all in-person meetings moving these to virtual platforms. We are recommending some shifts in the scope and timing of our work to prioritize the safety and academic needs of students in this new context. Read Fort Worth staff will reach out to our Pillar partners individually with how we will proceed.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your work and students in this community. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe over the coming weeks.  

With gratitude,

Elizabeth R. Brands, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Read Fort Worth

Mar, 19, 2020