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About Us

Read Fort Worth is the privately-funded, locally-controlled backbone organization formed in 2016 to align and coordinate cross-sector, collective impact efforts to advance the Fort Worth ISD’s goal of ensuring that 100 percent of third-graders are reading on grade level by 2025.


All children succeed in school.


To align partners, strategies and resources to significantly improve early childhood literacy so that 100 percent of Fort Worth third-graders are reading on grade level by 2025.


Brand Guidelines

The following text present proper guidelines for using the Read Fort Worth logo and brand elements in a variety of applications. The guidelines address sizing, spacing, color and positioning rules that may seem like added complexity – but when used, actually make it easier to produce accurate, brand-consistent design.

Who is this guide for?

This brand manual will help printers, publishers, promotional companies, production artists, sign manufacturers, sales reps and numerous other partners to avoid physical distortions and deviations from the true design, character and vision of the Read Fort Worth logo and our brand.

How should the name be treated without the logo?

There are times in correspondence or within certain communications where the corporate name is used. To provide consistency for the brand, the appropriate form for text will be all caps with a space between each word — Read Fort Worth.


The Logo


Read Fort Worth Logo

The Read Fort Worth logo files

The primary logo should always be used when possible. This logo includes the entire icon, name and secondary descriptor text. However, there are times when it is appropriate to use the horned book icon as a graphic element. The full logo must also appear either on the same page or on an adjacent page, or the backside of a single double-sided collateral piece. Never display the icon solo without a supporting logo in any printed piece or digital item. It can be used in full color (red & blue) on white or tone, reversed white on black, blue or red, black on white or tone, grayscale (black & 70K) on white or tone or as a monochromatic watermark.


For more details regarding colors, typography, and approved logo usage review our Identity and Brand Standards Manual.

Identity and Brand Standards Manual

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