Bright Spots: Clayton Youth Enrichment Summer Learning Programs

5 Questions with Faustina Rice, site coordinator for Clayton Youth Enrichment program at Clifford Davis Elementary School

1. Talk about a typical day for young students enrolled in your program.

Clayton Youth Enrichment Program students typically arrive stressed. However, the Clayton staff attempt to cheer up all the students with a handshake or a high five.  Furthermore, the students tend to enjoy the after-school activities for the day if they consist of hands-on and active learning.
Faustina Rice, Clayton Youth Enrichment

Faustina Rice, Clayton Youth Enrichment site coordinator at Clifford Davis Elementary School

2. How have you incorporated literacy instruction to advance the 100×25 goal?

At Clifford Davis Elementary School, Clayton Youth incorporated literacy instruction at the beginning of a literacy lesson.  For example, the instructor provides the students with the instruction and objective of the lesson.
The after-school program staff also set up a literacy “corner” or section in the cafeteria or classroom with the AR Level Reader Books and bean bags.  This set-up helps the students relax and enjoy their reading.
Lastly, if time permits, the students take an AR Test to assess their knowledge and comprehension skills.

3. What would success look for your program?

Success at Clifford Davis comes in various manners.  One manner consists of the attendance averaging 50 per day.  Another manner consists of the students leaving the program with useful and meaningful instruction and apply their learning to real life.   For instance, Clifford Davis utilized Write Brain this year and the students truly enjoyed publishing their books.  Lastly, the school administrators also help with the success of the program.  For example, the school administrators may congratulate the Clayton staff, students, and parents for participating and demonstrating dedication to extra-curricular activities.

4. What do you find most satisfying about working with the kids during the summer?

Working in the summer with different students from other schools may challenge a Clayton staff member; however, as time goes on, the staff enjoys the program.  For example, the most satisfying for me working with students in the summer is assisting the students to acquire new knowledge or life skills.  Clayton Youth Enrichment Summer Program provides the staff with a unique opportunity to educate the students in technical educational careers such as engineering and scientists.

5. Suggest an activity or game that parents can do with their children to help prevent summer slide.

Parents and students tend to enjoy recreational and active activities in the summer.  With that in mind, the students, parents, and staff may participate in a kickball tournament or soccer tournament.  For an indoor activity, the parents and students may participate in cooking class.  The two activities normally helped Clifford Davis boost parent involvement and participation.


Jun, 20, 2018