Read Fort Worth: The Communities All Children Deserve

Read Fort Worth

Read Fort Worth:
The Communities All Children Deserve

Read Fort Worth was established by Fort Worth’s community leaders determined to ensure all students achieve their full academic potential in the most fundamental component of learning, reading.

Our Executive Council, staff, and hundreds of community and corporate partners across Fort Worth work alongside us fueled by a deep sense of responsibility that we must do better for our children – we must build the neighborhoods that all children deserve.

We understand that many children and families in our city and across the country are scared, hurting, and angry. In particular, Black and African American communities are in pain. Read Fort Worth stands with all of those who believe in equality, and in particular, the power of equity in education to increase opportunity for all children. 

We are committed to action. We invite you to join us.

Read Fort Worth will …

    • Disaggregate academic data to shine a spotlight on our successes and on our areas for improvement related to race.

    • Mobilize community partners to visit front porches of Fort Worth ISD students and families across four local neighborhoods.

    • Launch, with our Best Place for Kids partners, neighborhood resource hubs across Fort Worth to provide families and students materials they need to return to school ready to learn.

As we look for ways to channel our emotions to create change, we invite you to consider working alongside us this summer:

    1. Volunteer. Sign up to volunteer at one of our “Road to Readiness” neighborhood resource hubs on August 1st. Sign up here.

    2. Invite Families. Pledge to invite 5 families to participate in the August 1st “Road to Readiness” events at locations across Fort Worth to ensure every family and student has the resources they need to thrive this upcoming school year. Share your pledge.

In light of national unrest and uncertainty, Read Fort Worth remains steadfast and tenacious in our pursuit.

Read Fort Worth Staff and Executive Council