Read Fort Worth set forth a Strategic Framework co-developed with community partners, external stakeholders, and philanthropic and civic leaders that is rooted in research and data to support a connection between our work and early grade literacy improvement. The Strategic Framework outlines three Pillars of our work grounded in the philosophy that we must meet students where they are: In-District, Out-of-School, and In-Families – the strongest predictor of a child’s success.

Within each Pillar, Read Fort Worth will convene cross-sector partners to co-develop and implement solutions to achieve the goals we’ve set forth. Read Fort Worth will bring data and research to elevate best-practices and shine a spotlight on where and how we work better together. Each Pillar includes a goal that Read Fort Worth is directly responsible for and a student growth and performance measure that we hypothesize will be the result of our work for students served in each Pillar.

The Strategic Framework is the measurable way in which Read Fort Worth provides clarity of purpose, contribution, and is held accountable for our role in the ambitious 100x25 goal, knowing that there are myriad factors that impact a child’s ability to read.


Read Fort Worth Strategic Framework

Download the Strategic Framework for an overview of goals and indicators.